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Here's the latest from the Marblehead Police Log, with mistaken identity and hanky-panky in inappropriate places.

  • The Harbormaster responded to a report of someone diving for clams off Devereux beach on Thursday around 10 a.m., and found the person was looking for lobsters and flounder, not clams. Well, that's all right then.

  • Police took a report of a phone call that showed up as a Marblehead resident on caller ID, but was "spoofed," and was actually a spammer on Thursday around 11 a.m.

  • A kayaker made it home safely after losing a paddle off the coast of Marblehead on Thursday around 9 p.m. Up the coast without a paddle.

  • Officers took a report of four fishing poles and three rods stolen from the back on a truck Friday just after midnight on Ocean Avenue.

  • Police took a report of a couple possibly having sex in a hammock in the area of Lighthouse Lane on Monday evening. When officers called the witness back, the caller said they just assumed they were having sex. Never assume, sir. It makes an ass out of you and me.

  • A lobster boat sank off of Tinkers Island on Tuesday around 1 p.m. A salvage company was notified.

  • Officers responded to a report of people possibly having sex in a car on Wednesday around 3 a.m. on Widger Road. Police moved the occupants along. Excuse me, but could you hurry up...the doughnut shop closes in 10 minutes.
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There are many ways in which our friends in the animal kingdom assist the constabulary in their function of protecting the public. Sniffer dogs come to mind. Well, in Germany the boys in blue have recruited three vultures to their ranks. These feathered friends are to be used in finding corpses that are hidden in difficult terrain. There is only one concern: can the vultures be trained not to nibble at the evidence?
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Those of you who read the foreign news (in the US) may have come across several articles in the Grauniad discussing the fact, just revealed, that an undercover policeman not only infiltrated a particularly harmless environmental activist organisation, but slept with several of the female activists. Another police undercover agent actually married an activist and they had two children before he broke down and confessed that he wasn't who he had said he was.

Well, after two stories about policemen not being able to keep their trousers zipped, we heard yesterday that the Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (Treasury spokesman for the opposition Labour party) resigned his post for "personal reasons". Normally if they themselves have transgressed they say that they are resigning to "spend more time with their family". This morning we awoke to the news that he no longer has a family with which to spend time with as his former police bodyguard from the time he was Home Secretary has had (perhaps "is having") an affair with Johnson's wife and she has left him.

One wonders how many more cases of this nature are simmering just under the saucepan lid. There have been three undercover officers identified who infiltrated peaceful activist groups, two of which (the two men) got sexually involved with the people they were spying on. And a politician who (frankly) is one of the few Labour politicians I have time for as he is a hard worker, very personable, and doesn't act as if being in the Cabinet made his sh*t not to stink, is poleaxed by his police bodyguard and his marriage ruined.

It used to be that bent coppers were limited to physical violence against prisoners and taking bribes. Now it seems they are becoming studs as well.

Later note; Guido Fawkes is now reporting that Johnson's successor investigated Johnson's private life and discovered that Johnson himself was having an affair with a civil servant. This doesn't make it right for the bodyguard to have an affair with Johnson's wife, but it certainly shows that what's sauce for the goose is also sauce for the gander. Those old wives knew whereof they spoke. And of course, it's really creepy that the new Shadow Chancellor might have been implicated in the discoveries which led to Johnson's resignation, if that is true.
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You may have seen some of the truly odious billboards that the police have scattered around the United Kingdom encouraging people to rat on their neighbours if, for example, you aren't familiar with what they're putting in their bins. Or you don't like the fact that all the men in the house next door wear beards and go to the mosque on Friday. Or they keep to themselves so they must be terrorists. Or something.

I was wondering when someone would put up a site allowing you to put your own slogan on the billboard—and now someone has.

Here's my take.

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