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As I go through my livejournal entries adding tags, I've become very fond of news sources of links that have not expired. The Register is one favourite, the BBC is another. Other news sources, especially small town newspapers (which of course often have the most interesting and weird stories), don't bother to keep their stories around, or change their addresses so that when you look for them a year or more later, they're gone.

I've had to delete a few entries that contain dead links which I cannot resurrect. Some I've been able to refresh the links with a different, and perhaps more lasting, link to the same story.

As of today I'm mired in January 2007; I hope to have finished attaching tags to every post within a few weeks or so.
chrishansenhome: (Default) especially for [ profile] rsc and [ profile] out for the herds...
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Judging from the quality of the exchange, the Army has just pissed off a very qualified potential recruit. Thanks to Ron's Log for the steer.
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...except it's not for you, it's for someone who's been avoiding the US for a while now.
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Don't try to convince the judge that "Bingo made me do it.". You're likely to get some time in the slammer.
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If your husband thinks he's too macho to change the baby's nappies from a baby blue or pink nappy bag, then buy him this. Guaranteed to make even the most macho father dissolve into tears of joy when he gets out the bag and takes the baby for a stroll.

Update: I see that for almost a year this entry suffered from grocer's apostrophe. I have removed the offending punctuation mark.
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Carrying a concealed weapons usually requires some amount of clothing, except by this man.

Would have posted this yesterday except that LJ gave up the ghost.
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From a CNN news story about the breakup of an iceberg in the Antarctic due to a storm days earlier in Alaska (really!) "We think that B15A was in the right position where these waves would be fatal to it," MacAyeal said. "The iceberg shattered like a gracile wine glass being sung to by a heavy soprano."
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I don't suppose anyone over the age of 45 or so will forget the song "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini". Well, the composer of that classic has died.

Our Baby Boomer heritage is slowly but surely ending up 6 feet under...

NOTA BENE: Actually, we have now been told that this gentleman was fibbing and someone else (who is not dead) wrote it. Oh well...
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We all know about the Crocodile Hunter's death (stabbed by a sting ray: he now knows where Death's sting is I suppose). But wait, there's more!!! The King of Infomercials has passed away to that great Salad Spinner in the Sky.
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Baptism usually is a laid-back affair, with only the baby getting splashed. Not here, though.
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Someone in India has started a Hitler-themed restaurant. But, someone on another list has fantasized about what would be on the menu:

  • Arbeit macht fries

  • Luftwaffles

  • Gestapotato pancakes

  • From the sandwich board: Hito-heros

  • Sweeties:

  • Kraft durch fruit salad

  • Eva Brownies

  • Chocolate Mousse-o-lini torte

  • All entrees served with Vichy water

Notes to our menu:

  • All meat is treated with Adolph's meat tenderizer.

  • Swiss chocolate is not used in any of our desserts (wink-wink nudge-nudge)

  • Borscht was added to the menu in 1942 and removed in 1944. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

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This is today's good-news story, I think. A slow news week.

I presume that running this story will mean a rush to the mortuary by a good proportion of the elderly population of North Adams, Massachusetts though. Always happens.

Update: As of September 2007, this is a dead link. How appropriate.
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A family in Germany makes too much noise unto the Lord.
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...comes from YouTube, where Eddie Izzard discusses the beginnings of the Church of England.
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I know lots of people who might benefit from this new pharmaceutical. Unfortunately, the only organisms to benefit so far are mice and fruit flies.

Perhaps we could get a ton or so of them and send them to Washington DC and Whitehall, London, for our Fearless Leaders.

Nah. It would never work.
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You better believe that the cops were onto this reported crime. I wonder if they got a reward from the grateful business owner.
chrishansenhome: (Default) which Rowan Atkinson shows why the English public school system is so loathed.
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...and it has nothing to do with flu. I wonder if they'll get an ornithologist to study it...
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