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Imagine you rode in a circle around the tallest building in your city, taking pictures as you went. Then you stitch them together to provide a video that looks like a continuous rotation around the unmoving building in the middle. This is what you'd see, and the method of creating it is somewhat simpler than you might think. The Shard's ripe for a video like this…

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The last time I was in Singapore this building was still being put up. It's a casino, and is the venue for the infinity swimming pool on the top pediment of the three buildings. Follow the first link for a beautiful picture of the building in twilight.

I want to visit Singapore yet again, that beautiful city where HWMBO grew up.
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I have been forgetting to upload this photograph. I call it "Biretta Convention". They seem to be multiplying rapidly, which is odd for a hat normally worn by celibate clerics, but there you have it.

A bit of light entertainment for a Sunday evening.
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I have been considering adding more profile photos. While I love the bow-tie photo and caricature, perhaps it's getting a bit old and we need to freshen it up a bit.

This video shows that anyone, even me, can get a good profile picture out of whatever face Nature has blessed them with. Thanks to petapixel for the link.
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I found my camera this afternoon. It had fallen off the left side of the computer desk into the gap between the printer table and the floor, and wasn't readily "discoverable" unless you took a flashlight and peered down there. I happened to do that (for another purpose) and discovered, to my delight, that the camera was on the floor!

Hooray! Now I can (maybe) persuade HWMBO that we need a large LCD monitor for me, so that he can get the monitor that I have, so that the Sun Sparcstation 5 can get the (slightly defective) monitor that he has, so that I can put the Sparcstation upstairs and move the iMac. So complicated. Had we been required to buy a new camera, that money would have evaporated.
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…not mine, alas! The pictures are fantastic!
chrishansenhome: (Default) on [ profile] dhruv_dhody's blog, here. The colour is fantastic.
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I have actually taken some photos this week, and now that I've discovered I can get them uploaded and put into my blog through Flickr (I normally upload them to my website but that's not possible at the moment for various reasons I won't bore you with), here are some selected photos.

First, [ profile] smlee4. What a handsome man!

While we were looking for a restaurant at Bugis Junction, we came across this particular place that seems to cater to tourists, of which there are not an insignificant number in the centre of town. I got my picture taken.

You may remember the cheesy pod picture that the Singapore Flyer staff took of our party before we actually got on the wheel? Well, here is a picture of the picture, a bit blurry, but you can see the general idea.

And when we were actually in the pod, I gook a picture of Nein and one of his fathers, Joe. Joe is holding up the "circular map" of Singapore that you can look at during your "flight" which tells you what everything you can (or can't) see is. But, it looks a little bit like he is recognising Nein as the little angel that he is.

In the background are Louie and Leslie, our great friends here, who are just lovely people.


Sep. 6th, 2008 08:12 pm
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We had a very leisurely day today. At 1 we went out to Leicester Square to meet M, and then go to lunch. After a bit of a tussle over "where" that reminded me of Douglas Adams' three questions that denoted the three stages of civilisation:
  • What should we eat?
  • Why do we eat?
  • Where should we go for lunch?

we decided to go to Jom Makan again, and this time we did much better. HWMBO gave it 7 out of 10 this time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had no dessert, which was better as all the desserts are chock-full of sugar or sugar syrup. I took pictures!

M and HWMBO:

My lunch: Hainanese Chicken Rice and Gado-Gado salad:

I'd eaten a bit from the left side of this!

HWMBO had Nasi Ayam Percik ("Grilled chicken with sweet spicy coconut sauce served with steamed rice, fresh salad, and prawn crackers")

and M had Nasi Goreng (I think):

Afterwards we strolled to the White Cube, where a forgettable exhibition called "Lesser Panda" had its last day today. The top level was full of people watching a movie about the psychologist for the Munich police during the 1972 Olympic Games (you may remember, that was when Black September took Israeli athletes hostage), and the bottom level had some rather geometric and abstract paintings incorporating things which might or might not have been rings.

Then to Waterstone's Piccadilly, where I bought an O'Reilly title: "Windows Vista Annoyances"--which have been much on my mind of late.

We parted from M there, he to Leicester Square again to enquire about a movie, and us home via Boots, where HWMBO got an "alice band" for his hair.

We had stew for dinner, and HWMBO was mightily annoyed that I hadn't eaten some cottage cheese which expired yesterday. I think it'll stay until tomorrow night, when I won't really want to eat much.

Now to reading about Windows Vista does seem that the book isn't quite thick enough to accomodate all of them.
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I promised a few weeks ago to post pictures from HWMBO's 10K Pride Run last month. He has been hectoring me for a month, so I've finally gotten around to it...

The starting can't see HWMBO in it, unfortunately. Some famous guy whose name I didn't catch was doing the starting honours.

And they're off!

Here's HWMBO at the first lap:

Here's a closer look:

Here's HWMBO on the second lap:

Welsh gay flag on the sidelines:

At the finish line:

Queueing for his medal:

With the goodie bag, which contained a lovely towel in addition to various things to eat and lots of literature:

With M, they form the Two Musketeers:

A great time was had by all. [ profile] iejw was there but we didn't bump into each other knowingly.
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Super-cute pictures of pandas who I assume are your close relations are in this blog.
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For the soc.motsseurs among us, there was an extremely rare event this evening: a three Chris .con. Chris A, [ profile] trawnapanda, was in town for an Anglican meeting, and Chris W, [ profile] dangtri, who lives in town, joined me for the first Three Chris .con. Pictures were taken, and here are two:

and, with Chris W. moving to the other side of the camera, two Chrisses and an HWMBO:

There was much quotation from Douglas Adams and Monty Python, and we nearly closed the restaurant.
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A beautiful kitty picture, behind the cut.

Behind a cut to spare the innocent... )
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First, we have the meeting of [ profile] chrishansenhome and [ profile] alwaysroom4gelo

Then, we have spooky mannequins in a shop window close to where I was staying:

and, finally the Statue of Liberty against the red sky at night, which is a sailor's delight, they say:

Still jetlagged, I should head for bed.
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...that I forgot to upload. The winter evening sky at the Borough, just north of me.

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You don't get bottle pictures very often.

I eat salad at home two-three times a week. In our local Tesco, you have very little choice and most of it is not great (although they do sell Paul Newman Italian and Ranch dressing). We went to Waitrose around Christmas, and found a lot of good salad dressings, one of which is Brianna's Blue Cheese Dressing. I love blue cheese dressing, so I bought a bottle, thus. Note the lovely picture of the red onion on the label.

Now take a closer look at the neck label:

Stands to reason. If I wanted Red Onion Dressing, that's what I would have bought.
chrishansenhome: (Default), courtesy of towleroad, the gravestone of the late lamented closeted gay star Merv Griffin.

You can't say he didn't have a sense of humour.
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Is this Elsa Lanchester in Bride of Frankenstein? I think we ought to be told.
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Thanks to the Big Mattress, we have a picture that might turn some heads (probably NSFW). Bending down is not an option.
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The subject of this entry is not one that I would be able to use very often here in London. Last night, and continuing this morning, we are having what the weather forecaster on Radio4 described as "the heaviest snowfall in England". I can't imagine having the heaviest snowfall in England here in London, but there you go.

I opened the back door, turned on the light, and took a picture of the backyard and the snowfall. I'm glad I don't have to shovel it. I believe it'll top out at about 2 inches so I'll be working at home today as public transport will not be easy. Oh, and those of you from places where people sneer until you get a foot of snow or more, please do not comment on what wusses we are, or I'll drop a house on you.

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