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You will enjoy this. I started it thinking, "Well, if I don't like it I can abort before the full 11 minutes are up." I couldn't take my eyes off it.

You won't be able to either. Trust me.

Oh, and before you get a bit of dander up, he posted a video a few minutes ago apologising for using the word "homo" in the film (and not as a reference to lesbians or gay men).
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Imagine you rode in a circle around the tallest building in your city, taking pictures as you went. Then you stitch them together to provide a video that looks like a continuous rotation around the unmoving building in the middle. This is what you'd see, and the method of creating it is somewhat simpler than you might think. The Shard's ripe for a video like this…

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If you like watching young Ukrainian men doing viral workouts on YouTube, the video below is for you. Some of the stunts they perform are incredible. Thanks to boyculture for the reference. If young men everywhere did these street workouts instead of sitting on their arses playing videogames or reading Facebook, there would be a lot less obesity around.

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This was quite a hoot. The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister have agreed that same-sex marriage should come up for a vote in Parliament within weeks, rather than months or years. Opinion polls suggest that a majority of people are in favour, except for troglodytes who will support the Tories at the next election anyway. In addition, by 2015, the issue will be dead as no one will recall what all the fuss was about.

The Taiwanese animators seems to have an interest in UK politics, and have produced the video below, which is quite funny. Enjoy!

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If you think about it, it all just makes sense.

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I seem to recall ads years ago for various adult products such as tobacco and alchol that used children's cartoon characters. Dr. Ben Goldacre has a British example of this. I don't know whether seeing a Dalek smoking would make me more likely to light up, but obviously someone thought it would.

I do recall that the first sponsor of The Flintstones in the US was Winston cigarettes, and I remember seeing advertisements for Winstons where Fred and Barney were getting themselves all nicotined up.
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The photographer had a fixed camera aimed down the flight path at Heathrow Airport here in London.

Sped up, it looks like so many of the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz coming in for a landing on your head. The music is nice too.

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Imagine having 600 hours on your hands with nothing to do. Wouldn't you build a contraption like this from Lego?

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We often have emotional reactions to prolems that crop up in our lives. Perhaps we need a bit of perspective.

Ryan Higa is not only cute, but perceptive.
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Homer Simpson voted too, on YouTube. Take a gander.

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You may be sick and tired of "Call Me Maybe". You should not be so sick and tired of it that you refrain from listening to this arrangement. Believe me.

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Thanks to [ profile] chrisloup for referring me to this. An entire song consisting of quasi-mondegreens is a rare thing. Enjoy it.

If you want to read the original lyrics, they're here, although it asks you whether you want to download O Fortuna as a ringtone. I'd rather gnaw off my fingers.

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Movies about art and artists tend to be boring, talking head affairs, or pictures of the art with voice-overs by jaded old art history experts.

This one is not. Watch, and enjoy.

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Not all churches can subscribe to the sentiments in the video embedded below. But the ones that do are worth thinking about attending. They take nearly every reason for not going to church and turn it around. The only one I've heard that they don't address is "The church would burn down if I went into it."

At their best, churches can be like this collection of people—a collection of seekers after light and fellowship. At their worst, they're something else.

Watch the video.

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…is brought to you by Dr. Who.

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Most people like a glass of wine occasionally, or even regularly. Many people also like to use their computers to shop online. Well, now you can do both. (Thanks to [ profile] trawnapanda for the tipoff…)

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I've never heard of the singer, Carly Rae Jepsen. However, this video has a little twist at the end that you may enjoy.

Thanks to Towleroad for the steer.
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Now I've never encountered a snapping turtle, either live or smushed, in a road. However, if I should ever do so, and it's live, the video below has given me great tips on how to move it across the road without hurting the turtle or getting my thumb bitten off.

What gets me is that this poor turtle is carried, dragged, and prodded across the road enough times so that that proverbial chicken will begin to question its motives in crossing a road in this mass of turtleflesh ambling (or not) across the pavement.

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Betty Bowers fills in those blanks for you...she's so close to Jesus that he warns her when his mother is about to show up…in her food.

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I've had massages in traditional studios using traditional methods. However, this Singaporean masseur uses innovative methods to soothe his patients' aches and pains.

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