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After Sogen Kato's body, mummified after 30 years, was discovered in his son's flat when civic officials called on him to congratulate him on being Tokyo's oldest man, we now hear that Tokyo's oldest listed person is missing and can't be found.

So the real reason that Japan has so many centenarians seems to be that their children are hiding their bodies away to continue receiving the Social Security payments due them. I suppose that the mercury in the raw fish sushi is what's doing them all in…
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H.M., a man who had no functioning long term memory, has died in a nursing home. Read his interesting story in his New York Times obituary.
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(not that I have one everyday, of course...)

Otto the Octopus is bored. So he does what humans do to keep himself amused.

For [ profile] fj

May. 22nd, 2008 09:40 am
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Hello Kitty products are slowly but surely making their way into UK consciousness. However, this product takes the concept to new heights^Wlows.
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I've often wondered how one could join the Mile High Club without too many people noticing. The gentleman who flew JetBlue who is suing them for $2 million probably knows.

What would he have done if they hit turbulence? And on the landing approach--did they open the door and hand him a seat belt?

Enquiring minds want to know!
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When I was baptised, it was a white gown event; you still see them occasionally, although many nowadays choose to put something quite different on their little munchkin.

I do think that this baptismal attire is a bit OTT, though. I suspect that a certain Trawna ailuropod will covet it, though.
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If you don't like heights, perhaps you might not want to look at this one. It's "El Camino del Rey" and you may have to change your underwear after watching it.

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I've heard of people who always lingered in the bathroom for what seemed like hours, primping and generally keeping everyone else from using the room. But this woman took it to somewhat ridiculous lengths.

Note that the link is somewhat oddly formatted, so you may have to scroll down to read the article; I use Flock and that's what it looked like to me.
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And you think that you have problems? Get a little behind in your rent payments and you might lose, perhaps not an arm and a leg, but maybe a leg.
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If you buy an item at auction, it's usually in "as is" condition. There was a bit more to this item than met the eye.
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One doesn't normally want to make excessive fun of those who believe odd things, but the followers of Pope Pius XIII (yes, that's XIII, not XII) are convinced that only he is the true Pontiff, bringing the Roman Catholic Church back to the true Catholic path.

I recently came across his site again, and His Holiness is now busily upgrading his residence in Washington State with a library.

Here is a picture of HH assisting in the work (don't forget to read the caption), and you may, once you see this picture, wish to trawl through the rest of the site, starting with the home page.

Another interesting photo of a very versatile Pontiff is here.

HH seems to have gone through several cardinals (he only has six, and four of them are cardinals in petto), but they all know who they are so that when the next conclave happens (His Holiness is 89 years old, so it won't be long delayed) they'll be able to get together and vote.

I am presuming that it won't be in the Sistine Chapel.
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If you're a German train driver, and you feel the need to relieve yourself, do not do what this gentleman did. Thanks to Ron's Log for this one.
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ISTR that a food fight was part of that movie's charm...well, these students didn't find it so charming.

Best quote: "It was just insane," said senior Zach Little, who was in the cafeteria when the melee began Thursday. "Things like milk cartons, full pop bottles and blue slushies were flying around. Kids literally bought the food to throw it and, to me, that's a little expensive."
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Thanks to [ profile] pageantmalarkey, we now have a new way of determining how many spider monkeys equal the weight of a whale's testicle, and other great comparisons.
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One wonders whether this priest was on crack or skunk...
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An Israeli wildlife guide was asleep with his cat in his bed when they were joined by a much bigger uninvited guest..
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You may think that cat purring over in the corner or rubbing up against you is a cute little thing. However, according to this article, Puss may be a secret weapon.
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If someone asks you to do a blind test of lip balms, make sure you can see under the blindfold, or you might end up like these ladies. This is a .WMV file, and it might be SFW, depending on whether you work in a zoo or not...again, from The Big Mattress.
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This website so needs to be in the OLPFRSC*.

*Our Lady of the Pink Flamingos Religious Schlock Collection
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I had finished lunch, and was waiting to cross Buckingham Palace Road on the way back to work. When the light changed, a very curious motor vehicle drew up and stopped. It was a sofa.

It was advertising an online sofa store. There wasn't anything about the motorised sofa on the site, I fear. I was charging my mobile phone at the office so I couldn't take a picture, more's the pity.

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