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Happy 46th National Day!
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…HWMBO and I contracted our civil partnership at Southwark Register Office. I had suggested February 15th but HWMBO said to the Registrar: "How about February 14th?" I scoffed. "Everyone will want to be married that day—there won't be a slot." But the Registrar smiled and said, "We have plenty of slots available for the 14th."

And so it happened. The report, with pictures, is here.

I decided that instead of buying a card I'd buy some tulips at Tesco. When I got them home I discovered that they had not only been out of water a bit too long, but I would have to cut them down quite a bit to keep them in the vase I could find. No matter, HWMBO liked them anyway.

I am the luckiest guy on the planet. I hope that all of you who celebrate Valentine's Day had a very good one, and those of you who have yet to find your Valentine do so, if you want to.
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Today is the 17th anniversary of my arrival in the United Kingdom.
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Today is the 10th anniversary of the Admiral Duncan bombing here in London. Three people were killed and eighty were wounded. Spare a thought for all those who were affected by the bombing, please.
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Today is our third anniversary. Or, perhaps, our eleventh anniversary. We went through our Civil Partnership three years ago today after what Ethel calls "an 8-year courtship".

Unfortunately, I still feel like hell, so we didn't celebrate too much. I sat in the chair in the living room drinking orange juice and watching things like "Unsolved Murders". I didn't shower until 6 pm (I felt so slovenly...) Then we went to The Well and had our Valentine's Day dinner. Home for some decaf and tiramisu.

Then we listened to some Ella Fitzgerald singing tunes by Gershwin, which really set a lovely tone for the end of the day.

In honour of Valentine's Day, you must read this blog post by [ profile] shelbycub. It says exactly what I would like to say about marriage and make sure you've got a Kleenex handy.

In other news, I have finally gotten my ISEB Practitioner's Certificate in Software Test Management. I did OK (did not get a distinction, but that's OK) and now have three certificates to hang up on the wall. Now I have to make sure that everyone knows I have it (change the CV, add it to LinkedIn, etc. etc. and so on and so forth). Took 'em long enough to mark it, but that's OK.

Tomorrow it's Eucharist, then lunch with our friend [ profile] kingbitch, who is down again from Edinburgh with a picture of himself in his new kilt. He does not yet have the courage to wear it as the Scotsmen do.

As our own dear Queen might say if she had a Valentine's Day televised message: "A very heppy Vellentaynes Dey to yew awl,"
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Last year I totally missed the fourteenth anniversary of my arriving at Heathrow and beginning my life here in the UK.

Yesterday I marked the fifteenth anniversary.

And forgot.


I am grateful that the UK has accepted me here, allowed me to become a British citizen, and given me the opportunity to meet and to marry HWMBO.
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Ten years on, rest in peace, and rise in glory.
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Twenty years ago today I was received into the Episcopal Church at the Church of the Holy Apostles at 28th St. and 9th Avenue in New York City.

It's been quite a wild ride, and I'm not through yet. I'm thankful that I found this haven from guilt and knownothingism.
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On January 24th, 1994, I arrived in London straight from Los Angeles and the Northridge earthquake, and began my work for Quantime the very next day with a course in software inspection. So today I begin my 15th year here in London, and tomorrow I'm off to New York for a week.
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...and many happy returns of the day!
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Nineteen years ago yesterday (October 2, 1988), I was received into the Anglican Communion at the Church of the Holy Apostles on Ninth Avenue and 28th Street, in Manhattan.
chrishansenhome: (Default)'s coming up in two days, so be forewarned.

Many happy returns of the day.
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He has 499 days left in office, plus a few hours (as of this writing).
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Today is Her Majesty the Queen's 81st birthday. This is her real birthday, not the public holiday celebrated as her birthday in some Commonwealth countries. If she goes on as long as her ma did, she's got about 20 years left in her. Prince Charles would thus ascend the throne 77 years young. And if Charles then sticks around for, say, 10 years, William would be almost as old as his father is now (57) when he ascended the throne. I will, I fear, be only a memory when William becomes King William V.

As is its wont, we were awakened this morning by the BBC stating ponderously: "Today is the birthday of Her Majesty the Queen" followed by the National Anthem. They do not wish her many happy returns of the day, as they used to for the Queen Mother and other senior royals whose birthdays they announced. We knew the Queen Mum was nearing her end when they changed from wishing her "many happy returns of the day" to "a very happy day".

And we bid a fond farewell to Terry Major-Ball, the brother of Sir John Major, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and First Lord of the Treasury (to give him his full title). Mr. Major-Ball was a truly interesting character, always ready with a smile and a quotable quote about his brother. He failed in the garden gnome business (I'll bet you didn't know there was such a thing as a garden gnome business) and pottered around in various professions until retirement. But when it came to his brother, he was loyal and discreet. He knew of John Major's affair with Edwina Currie but kept his trap shut about it. He wrote an autobiography that wittily said almost nothing controversial, thus rivaling Diary of a Nobody. Terry Major-Ball died of prostate cancer in Somerset last month. He'll be missed.
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I got a pair of these for myself for Valentine's Day.

They feel a bit strange on my head, and the iPod Nano base that comes with it does not fit my iPod Nano, but the sound is incredible. Plus, no more wires to fool around with. Just put the headphones and the base unit in touch with each other, put the headphones on, and let 'er rip.

I would still use my noise cancelling headphones on an airplane or in another noisy situation, but the Logitech ones are the bee's knees.

In other news, as yesterday was our anniversary (1st of the Civil Partnership, 9th of our relationship), we were going to go out to an Italian restaurant called Azzurro (which we went to and liked, but the reviews are somewhat spotty) but HWMBO had a recurrence of his cold, and was coughing up a storm. But we couldn't cancel some of our guests, so in the end HWMBO stayed home and [ profile] spwebdesign, Mark, Rob, and Ethel (Mark and Ethel were our witnesses at our Civil Partnership) went out to the Indian restaurant at the Elephant and Castle shopping centre.

[ profile] spwebdesign gave us a lovely Spanish wall hanging showing two lovebirds, which was really thoughtful and will be framed soon (I hope) and hanging on the wall; Ethel and Mark and Rob gave us cards, and we then tucked into the Indian food.

I have discovered that the way to avoid feeling somewhat off after an Indian meal (for me) is simple: lay off the lime pickle. It must be putting my blood pressure up. I had mulligatawny soup, chicken jalfrezi, and some naan bread (the kind with the grated coconut on it, whose Indian name I forget) along with a litre of Cobra lager; mango kulfi for dessert and a bit of brandy on the house. I treated, as it was our party! Ethel is such a wonderful woman, a real "Cockney sparrow" who has lived in the neighbourhood all her life, had a wonderful marriage and great children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, and has an easy hearty laugh. I got her a box of Bailey's Irish Cream chocolates (she's partial to Bailey's) and she was delighted.

Usually after an Indian meal I feel a bit bloated all evening; last night I felt great and slept like a baby. HWMBO stayed home from work today and I worked from home, so it was really restful.
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Today is the first anniversary of my heart attack.

In a week, a happy anniversary.

In between, pensive.
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Eighteen years ago this evening I stood before the Rt. Rev'd. Stuart Wetmore and was received into the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion. Better late than never!
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Well, I know. I cost USD 85.83, to the penny, and the receipts prove it. The average weekly wage was about USD 67, so I cost a little more than a week's wage.

The deposit receipt:

The final bill (while it isn't marked paid, I hope it was; if they charged 7.5% interest on the outstanding balance it would be USD 3,503 today):

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Happy National Day to you all!

chrishansenhome: (Default) [ profile] mango_king. Many happy returns of the day!!!

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