Aug. 23rd, 2017

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Relatively benign this week, if you don't count the woman who doesn't know how to stop, the verbal fighting over a tree, the very noisy directorial d├ębut, and the burglary on Cod Almighty.

Thursday, August 17

  • Police responded to a report of a woman being harassed via email on Aug. 17. A voicemail was left by an officer for the man to stop the harassment.

  • A woman received both a citation and a verbal warning on the same day on Tedesco Street and Longview Drive for a red light violation. The second situation involved not stopping at a stop sign. This person seems to have difficulty in stopping.

  • An officer responded after a woman bumped her car into another. There was no damage on either car. The woman in the second car got out and started screaming at the driver, took her information, but wouldn't give her own. The reporter felt intimidated by the second driver and reported the incident.

  • A Yeti cooler was reported stolen from a man's boat on Salem Harbor. You mean there is a special cooler for Abominable Snowmen? Who knew?

  • An anonymous caller reported a man on Mechanic Court was yelling and screaming, and yelling racial slurs. It had been going on for 10 minutes. Officers responded. The man and his household were making a movie about the recent attacks in Charlottesville and the reporter didn't know that and thought that they were having an argument. Showing in all reputable theaters at some point.

Friday, August 18

  • A pedestrian was struck by a truck and transported to the hospital on Beacon and Green Streets. The hospital is not on Beacon and Green Streets. The hospital is in Salem. The reporter seems to have difficulty with location.

  • A woman reported a man going through her trash. She said she puts out her Amazon bags with all her credit card info on them. She will invest in a shredder and has yelled at the man to move along. She did not want a response. And neither do we.

Saturday, August 19

  • A woman called the department upset because "when she came in last week, the call was logged and that the newspaper brought out her complaint [in a police log] from 3 years ago and published it again. She apologized to the man who was involved today and was going to go to the paper to tell them it wasn't fair that they brought up her complaint from 3 years ago. So the police are responsible for a journalistic mixup?

  • Two neighbors on Pitman Road were reported verbally fighting over a tree. At least it was only verbal.

  • A boat was broken into on Salem Harbor. Tuna reels and other equipment were reported as stolen on a boat named the Cod Almighty. The Harbormaster has been notified. Great Balls of Fire!.

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